Herb Tasting

Herb tasting is an excellent way for practitioners to learn
about the energetics of the herbs by direct experience. And it's fun!

Single herbs over 20 different Western herbs are tasted during the 12-day training, and systematic records are kept of tastes, temperature effects, and direction of energy.

Herb combinations over 12 different herb combinations are tasted and tested, so that practitioners can feel the effectiveness of these combinations in their own bodies.

These photos were taken at the Academie Qing Bai course on Combining Western Herbs and Chinese Medicine with Jeremy Ross in 2005.

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  • Teaching
  • Opening Kits
    Unpacking the Tasting Kit of herbal tinctures
  • Measuring
    Careful measurement:15 drops of herb tincture to 2 ml of water
  • Tasting1
    It doesn't smell so bad, let's try the taste...
  • Tasting2
    Is this Bitter?
  • Tasting3
    Or is this BITTER!!
  • Recording
    Recording the tasting scores... "Ill give it 3 out of 3 for Bitter!"
  • Jeremy
    It's not always fun being a lecturer- 3 out of 3 for Sour!
  • Swigging
    Swigging is allowed!
  • But everyone survived!
    But everyone survived!


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