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These books are suitable for students and practitioners with a basic understanding of Chinese medicine. For example they are suitable for:

  • Acupuncturist practitioners with no prior training in Western or Chinese herbal medicine

  • Practitioners of Oriental herb medicine who wish to incorporate Western herbs into their practice

  • Practitioners of naturopathy or Western herbal medicine with some basic training in the theory of Chinese medicine

  • However, for the Basic 9-day Course, it is advisable to have a detailed knowledge of Chinese organ syndromes.

The emphasis of these books are on using and combining Western herbs according to the new integrated system of Chinese medicine, Western herbal tradition, and modern pharmacology.

These books are not specifically about mixing Western and Chinese herbs in the same combination, although Chinese herbs appear in some of the combinations described.


All persons involved in the preparation and publication of these books have, as far as it is possible, taken care to ensure that the information given in this text is accurate and up-to-date.

However, medical knowledge is constantly changing, and readers are strongly advised to consult all the available data to confirm that the information given in this text complies with the latest legislation and standards of practice, especially with regard to drug usage.

Internet medical research resources such as PubMed can be used to help update some of the information in the text.

The author and the publisher welcome notifications from readers on the need to change information in this book. Contact us.

Relevant alterations to the text will be included in the next edition of this book, and in the meantime will be cited in this web site under Text Updates.





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