Safety Warning

Each JRHC has been designed for optimal efficiency and safety, on the principles of Combining Western Herbs and Chinese Medicine, to create a balanced combination.

But please read carefully each of the Safety Warnings below before using any of these herb combinations.

This website is for licensed health practitioners, and Jeremy cannot answer enquiries from the general public.

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JRHCs and Combining Western Herbs and Chinese Medicine - Safety Warning Notes

After Jeremy Ross course

JRHCs are designed to be used only after the appropriate Jeremy Ross herb course in which their detailed use and safety precautions are discussed.

After individual consultation

JRHCs should only be supplied to a patient following an individual consultation of that patient with a licensed health practitioner.

Practitioner responsibility

It is the responsibility of the practitioner to make an accurate diagnosis, and to decide whether a herb combination is appropriate for a specific patient at a particular time.

Check for contraindications

Practitioners are advised never to use a herb combination without checking the potential contraindications of each constituent herb for the particular patient at the time of treatment.


Appropriate dose

It is the responsibility of the practitioner to prescribe herbs in appropriate dose for the age, constitution, and condition of the patient.

Conventional diagnosis and treatment

JRHCs are not proposed as an alternative to conventional medical diagnosis and treatment, when this is necessary for the patient.

Local laws

It is the responsibility of practitioners to be aware of any special restrictions on herb prescribing specific to their own country.


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