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  • 3 day Courses - a range of twelve 3-day workshops
  • JRHCs - examples of Jeremy’s 200 special herb
  • 4 QI + 5E - Jeremy’s new system of diagnosis and
    treatment: the 4 Qi Imbalances + 5 Elements
  • Research - exciting new possibilities for treatment
    from recent research

Jeremy Ross Herb Combinations (JRHCs)

Jeremy has designed a range of over 200 special herb combinations, JRHCs, to treat common Western disorders.

JRHCs are designed according to the principles of Combining Western Herbs and Chinese Medicine.

4 Qi Imbalances + 5 Elements
(4QI + 5E)

New system for Diagnosis and Treatment Jeremy has developed the system of 4 QI + 5E to do 3 things:

• simplify complex cases
• increase precision of diagnosis
• facilitate herb choice

Recent research leads to exciting
new formulas

Jeremy is at the forefront of using advances in plant chemistry to create new effective herb combinations for Western disorders.

Jeremy specializes in using herb combinations to enhance the positive effects of medical drugs and to reduce their side-effects.

A New Integrated System

Jeremy Ross has developed a new system that successfully integrates three paradigms:

  • Western herbal tradition
  • Chinese medicine
  • Phytopharmacological research

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Why Use this System?

  • Increase clinical effectiveness
  • Increase safety
  • Treat a wider range of disorders


Jeremy Ross

Jeremy Ross is a leading world authority
on Combining Western Herbs and Chinese Medicine. He has qualifications in botanical sciences, science teaching, acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, and Western phytotherapy.



This website serves the world-wide community of practitioners
working with Combining Western Herbs and Chinese Medicine. Resources section helps practitioners keep up to date with advances in this topic.

Books by Jeremy Ross

Combining Western herbs and Chinese medicine. - Click here for more...

“With his deep knowledge of Chinese medicine, Western herbal medicine, and Western sciences, Jeremy Ross is uniquely qualified to interpret the nature and functions of Western herbs according to the principles of Chinese medicine.”   —Giovanni Maciocia

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This new Clinical Materia Medica discusses 120 herbs, each with an illustration, two pages of text per herb, and a clear Actions and Uses table.

  • 700 herb pairs
  • List of herbs for Chinese syndromes
  • List of herb pairs for western disorders

See sample chapters of this book



Forthcoming Titles

Forthcoming tiles in the Combining Western Herbs and Chinese Medicine series are:

  • A New System for Diagnosis and Treatment:
  • 4 Qi Imbalances + 5 Elements
  • Treating Exhaustion
  • Treating Stress and Emotional Disorders
  • Treating Depression


40 Herb Clinic Wall Chart

This useful chart, in the Combining Western Herbs and Chinese Medicine series, is designed to be used with Jeremy’s new book 'A Clinical Materia Medica: 120 Herbs in Western Use.'





Over the past few years, Jeremy Ross' courses have earned a well deserved international reputation. Scroll down the page and see which would suit your needs. Bookings are available in a number of countries. For the year's schedule and venues, please click here for more details.

12-day Basic course

This course forms the basic training in Combining Western Herbs and Chinese Medicine. In some countries it is available as a 9-day training.

3-day Advanced workshops

These 12 workshops each focus on a specific group of Western disorders.

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